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Poster: Mastingo by Dennis Muraguri

Poster: Mastingo by Dennis Muraguri

Hop on!  In Kenya, matatus are the main form of public transportation, and matatu culture is a vibrant reflection of the here and now--including everything from music to the iconographic art decorating the side panels, as well as the "mastingo" or "stunts" performed off the side. These very special, signed digital reproductions of original woodcut prints are a colorful and eye-catching addition to any space.
This print depicts the conductor of the Mastingo matatu hanging off the side window mid-acrobatic stunt. These tricks are often done in slow gear while moving, and according to the artist, "I see it as a sort of sport in the making." The drawings on the side of the matatu relate loosely to racism in the US and show the influence of popular culture and music, "what we listen to in Nairobi, especially hip hop and reggae."
This is a  signed digital reproduction of a woodcut print that was made using a reduction process. In this technique, a single block of wood is used, with each layer of color subsequently cut away after the previous layer is printed, such that the final woodcut can never be used to reproduce the same design.  

Artist: Dennis Muraguri
Dimensions:    11 3/4" x 16 1/2"
Material: Paper
Note: this item comes unframed, rolled in a supportive cardboard tube.

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Learn more about Dennis and his work here: