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I just got my dress and it feels a bit stiff.  Will it soften over time? 
Yes! Our dresses are made of African wax print fabric. When we buy the fabric, it often has a waxy outer-coating. This wax makes the fabric stiff and takes a few washes to soften up. Our dresses are all pre-washed, but after a few wears and washes at home, your dress will feel much softer and hang more naturally.  

Are all Zuri dresses made of the same fabric?  
Nope! We select our fabrics based on two equally important criteria: 1) quality of the fabric; and 2) coolness of the print. Because we’re always looking for interesting prints on long-lasting fabrics, we cannot limit ourselves in terms of any one geographical origin or manufacturing tradition. The common “thread” in all of our fabrics is that each selection is high quality cotton, with dyes that will not bleed, and prints that are both interesting and beautiful. Try a few; we think you’ll love them all! 

Is it all 100% cotton? 

How do I wash my dress, and does it need to be ironed? 
In the washing machine! Wash on the regular cycle with cold water, and hang to dry.  As for ironing, it's really a matter of personal preference!  We don't think it's necessary, but it will add a crispness to the look.  

Will the fabrics run in the wash?  
The first time you wash your dress, we recommend that you wash it in the machine on its own or with similar colors. Depending on the color of the print, it may run the first time. 

How often are new prints released on the site?  
Check every week or two! We’re always doing small runs of at least a few new prints to keep things interesting.

How long do the runs of each print typically last?  
Generally, a month or two. They’re limited runs so we suggest that if you like one, go for it. 

I'm in between sizes, which size should I go for?  
We suggest that if you're in between sizes, you take the smaller of the two!  Our dresses run about 1/2 size large.  If you're looking for an easy rule of thumb, go for the size you'd normally wear at a store like the Gap!

Can I return or exchange my dress for free in the US?  
Yes! Here's how to do it.